Water Calculations

Here at Simply SAP, we have an experienced team who specialise in providing part G water efficiency calculations for all homes and properties in Lancashire and beyond! We’ll also provide helpful solutions and expert advice to ensure your project complies with Building Regulations.

Why are water efficiency calculations important?

Why are water efficiency calculations important

Why are water efficiency calculations important?

Water calculations measure flow rate and predict the water consumption in line with part G of the Building Regulations. Water usage is an important environmental factor, and it’s more pressing than ever for new builds and conversions to be as energy efficient as possible and reduce water wastage.

Water efficiency calculations and revisions work towards making a building more sustainable. We can provide quick and easy water calculations and reporting to get your home approved!


What affects a
property's water usage?

Many factors can affect the projected water
consumption of a property, such as:

  • The flow rate of taps
  • The capacity of baths
  • The flow rate of showers
  • The use of water softeners
  • The flushing capacity of toilets
  • Any on-site rainwater harvesting
  • The consumption per place setting of dishwashers
  • The consumption per kg of dry load for washing machines

How can we help?

From only £15.00 plus VAT per property

How can we help?

All new dwellings require a water efficiency calculation in the As-Built stage, and from just £15.00 (+VAT) per property, we can help you pass this requirement! All we need from you is a copy of your proposed floor plans and the fittings you intend to install.

Generally all new builds are required to undergo a water calculation test. It is also good practice to get a test completed with any new fixtures, fittings and appliances to ensure the dwelling is passing. If our calculations show that you do not meet this requirement, don’t worry! Our experienced team can offer advice on how to achieve a pass rating in a simple and cost-effective way.

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