SAP Calculations

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) looks at the energy and environmental performance of a building to make sure that it is compliant with part L of the building regulations, and all government energy and environmental policies.

What are SAP calculations?

What are SAP Calculations

What are SAP calculations?

We offer SAP calculations for new builds, loft conversions and barn conversions following building regulations part L1A and L1B nationally. Any architect, builder, or developer will require a Sap Calculation to assess how much energy their new development will consume. 


What can affect a SAP Calculation?

The SAP rating of a building is based on the energy performance of all building materials that are interlinked within the heating system. All building materials work together hand in hand so the better the fabric and heating, the better the overall result.

There are several factors that we need to think about when having a SAP Calculation done, these are;

  • The main heating system
  • The materials used
  • The insulation
  • The glazing

How do we calculate them?

SAP As Design from £90.00+VAT, SAP As Built from £35.00+VAT

How do we calculate them?

For new builds, there are two ways to conduct a SAP calculation. For As design calculations, data will be collected from architectural drawings, specification details, building notes and floor plans to create a draft report. If the project does not meet the appropriate standards then our team will provide recommendations on how to improve your ratings.

Once the dwelling has been built we will produce an As-built calculation which will take into account the actual elements fitted, along with any further advisories. And finally an energy performance certificate (EPC).

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